Monday, 23 February 2009

TW3 again!

A while since I posted. The retreat went by the by, due to the car making funny noises. Not a good idea to risk a 600 mile round trip if you might not make it back for the funeral you have booked for the Saturday. So I had a week at home avoiding the peeps, thinking, praying, dog walking and steaming gently in the sauna (which I find quite meditative actually). In my absence, the wedding flowers doubled up for a funeral in Church and then covered Sunday's confirmation. Which was good. Then last night was a fund raising concert of chamber music the church. which was well attended. The Beethoven was OK, was nae too struck with the first lullaby, but really rather enjoyed the Grotesque and the Karl Jenkins String Quartet pieces! Plus I got to present flowers to the dolly birds who were playing! Life's not always a struggle for the clergy!

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