Thursday, 26 May 2011

St Phillip Neri


It was the feast of the delightful and sympathetic St Phillip Neri today.  I think I'd rather put a pikkie of him up today  than anything to do with the temperamental successor of today's other Saint, Augustine of Canterbury - whom the Venomous Bede reminds us lost the Celtic vote by remaining Prelatically seated, rather than rising to humbly greet his separated brethren with whom he had a few disagreements (like the dating of Easter, how to do your tonsure and how to baptise babies etc).  I can fully understand ++ RW getting ratty under pressure and biffing committees into shape, but it sounds rather nasty, especially when the surviving kin of the author of the leaked memo suggest that the Archiepiscopal nastiness hastened the demise of the cancer afflicted Dean of Southwark.  Not a good news day for Lambeth Palace - so we pray that some of Fra Filippo's gentleness and joy will wing it's way to ABC's lodgings.

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