Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday time!

Well, that's me on a spot (2 weeks) of Annual Leave.  I started with a rather good AA meeting last night which got some head stuff into perspective and then went to the Chiropractor for my monthly "tweak"this morning.  I also treated myself to a fry up!  On return to the Capital, I pampered my self with a spot of massage (shiatsu, which is somewhat different from the Slavic I usually get) and then had a wee snooze!  My evening leisure was pure dead cultured - a HD showing at the Cameo of the Met Opera's 26 April performance of "La Fille de Regiment".  Great fun, although as ever with the Opera, the plot was pure mince!

Leisure, it strikes me, is important.  I used to feel guilty about it.  Perhaps, deep in my unconscious, there was a very working class instilled sense that being a cleric wasn't a "real" job.  Now I work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week, I feel no guilt whatsoever about doing things I like when my time is my own.  Also, my self confidence and sense of self-worth has improved greatly since I got sober and met Rachel, so I don't feel so odd or self conscious about pampering myself with a destressing massage or a hot shave or some other little treat.  God values both body and soul, so should we!

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