Sunday, 11 September 2011

Praying the Day

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One of the funny things about blogging is that sometimes when there's a lot on, your creative muse goes AWOL.  Friday for example.  it was a praying day. Woke up early and joined the Rector for mattins.  I recall how utterly dispiriting it was to try to maintain a daily office in Church on your own, so decided to try to be a wee bit supportive.  I'd forgotten how  insipid the Scottish 1990 Office is and I'm glad we are more or less Franciscan in Da Hoose!  Which we then used after breakfast for the guests in the House.  No clash of readings - ye Rector uses the SEC Office one's and we use the Missal for the day.  In a way, one was the Prayer of the Church, the other the Prayer of the Community.  Or the Prayer of the Wider Community and the Prayer of the Gathered Church if you like.

Then I used the Rosary on the train to Falkirk to commend an ex-Parishioner to God as I headed to her funeral.  I don't often pray the actual mysteries, but I seem to keep a rosary in my jacket pocket.  often I just fiddle with a bead or 2 during the day.  It's just a reminder that the Incarnate One is with us in the place where we are.  I know others use a holding Cross but I find the beads a little less obtrusive.

Jinty's funeral was a good and very appropriate send off and so crowded that I ended up standing behind the altar!  Just like old times apart there being another 20 folk in the sanctuary.  (There were between 250 and 300 in a 150 seat Church!) I went back simply because Jinty played a vital role in rescuing me when I went boing.  She was the one who saved me from a night in the cells at the crash point (aka my last drunk) on Friday 13th March 2009.  We had also shared a 2 week trip to Uganda back in 2006.  So part of me turned up at a service in Falkirk to say "Thanks. And this is what I've done with my life since then.  Sober, useful job and engaged!".  I think I could hear a "Good boy!  Well done!" over the ether from her.  I occasionally got that from her when she was Vestry Secretary!

After that and the socialising, I crashed back into Church for the Evening Office form the Prayer Book.  Old sonorous familiar words have their place and value in prayer along side the contemporary and your own words.  And then the day ended with Franciscan Compline with the community.  Praying through the days is something I try to do (often rather fitfully).  The best I can do often is Sir Jacob Astley's Prayer before the Battle of Edgehill: "O Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day: if I forget thee,do not thou forget me".  Which is quite a handy wee prayer!


  1. Once again I have a shot at helpful commenting. I also keep a rosary handy as an aid to all sorts of prayer. Not only that - I possess a beautiful Anglican rosary and I have several contemplative prayers in hand (literally) as I use it. It's kind-of spiritual dynamite as far as I am concerned, like holding my faith in my hands. Does this make me a sort-of subversive? It probably would do so in the eyes of some, but then I can only hope to illuminate others as I pass the rosary around for inspection. Mine is artisan made to order, by a very devoted religious jewellery maker. I can point others to her website if desired.

  2. Mine is olive wood from the Holy Land - I have no idea what an Anglican Rosary is, is it differeant to the regular one?