Friday, 11 May 2012

Dead Prime Minister Day 200!

File:Spencer Perceval.jpg

Today is the anniversary of the only time we had (the sense to have?) a Prime Minister assassinated.  And I've said Mass in his memorial - the next door parish to where I was a curate in London ( 200 years ago to the day, Spencer Perceval (see above) was shot by a grumpy merchant who felt HMG owed him compensation for getting nicked in Russia.  Isn't it lucky that Fred the Shred is not the revengeful type, eh, Prime Minister?

Politics doesn't seem to stir the passions today.  Indifference and a certain level of contempt is the general response.  Having dabbled in years of youth in politics (President Aberdeen University Lib Dems, Vice Convener Scottish Young Lib Dems, failed Cooncil candidate in a no hope ward ( the traditional 1st step on the greasy pole leading to obscurity in Holyrood) etc.) I am still interested and generally think those who set out in politics start with generally high ideals and intentions (which may be eroded by expediency or corrupted by self interest - but so is the Sacred Ministry!).  The trouble is that a class of professional politicians has arisen today with little or no experience of life beyond the political cockpit.  Gone are the ex-miners and practising farmers who broadened the experience of the body Politic so usefully.  instead we have "politicians"  - a strange breed of semi-invertebrates who sometimes seem to breathe the same air as the rest of us.  And sometimes don't.  Maybe we need more real people as politicians and less of the pedigree party hacks and insiders?

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