Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Proceeding from the Father and err...

File:Maximus Confessor.jpg

St Maximus the Confessor, who refused to get his Epanokamelavkion in a twist over this!

I am still slightly surprised that at yesterdays parish AGM went spent time discussing leaving the Filoque clause out of the Creed.  To be honsest it scarcely struck me as a pressing mission issue.  It never has really.  However, Three Lambeth Conferences (1888, 1978 and 1988) have recommended that the Filioque be dropped from the Nicene Creed by churches that belong to the Anglican Communion.  We've just been rather slow on the uptake in most provinces.  I suppose I am theoretically in favour of unity with the orthodox but realistically, the ordination of women and a variety of ethical issues makes this unlikely for at least a millenium or so.  Still at least we weren't obsessing about women in the episcopate and it ws all conducted in a calm and courteous manner - n beard pulling a la Nicea!

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