Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mothering Thursday

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Yes, a little early one might think, but it was the congruence of a trip to the Mother in Law (depositing the Christmas hamper as a pre Lent treat!) and my mum's whatever the heck it is birthday (74 not out) that prompted this.  Between visits that required an appallingly early rise for a day off and phone calls, it was a wee bit of gallop!  Still, both of the mater's seem happy and that's always good
Mothers make us.  Both biologically and emotionally, they from us into the people we are.  Sometimes that's good, at other times it's less so.  Just look at the difference between Jesus and Oedipus!  However, as I get older I see more of my parents in me.  Partly it's physical look, more subtly it's psychological out look on life.  I'm as grumpy as my Dad - but equally I realise I also seem to have something of his resilience in the face of adversity.  So it is with a sense of gratitude that I recognise the importance of parental influence in my life - and thank God I'm not a parent, as I'd muck up the poor brats dreadfully!

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