Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Oh to be in England!

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It was off to Englandshire last week.  Mon-Fri was spent in Cumbria, taking one of our service users away for a break to Centre Parcs.  Quite good, other than the joys of hay fever and a twice daily dose of Benadryl to keep it at bay.  Then it was a drive back to Embra, before a haircut and scooting down to Waverly for the 5 o'clock to King's Cross.  1st class was quite good - with the free food and drink (OK re-heated aeroplane style but acceptable enough) although the irritation factor rose as the journey wore on, due to being plonked next to the staff base where the staff chattered loudly despite it being next to the Quiet Carriage.  More testing was the smell of wine from my next door neighbour's free drink.  She only had 2 glasses but they were there for a couple of hours and the smell drove me nuts, especially with the temptation to order a free drink.  Still, we resisted and stayed sober!

The reason for the journey south was to go to Rachel's niece's wedding in darkest Surrey.  Which was pleasant enough, although the male choir members were robed in kit that made them look like polyester Red Friars (Trinitarians to the uninitiated).  The do afterwards was in a pub owned by the former Stig, so that added a pleasant twist to the buffet!

Because we were lodging with the Sister in law, we trundled off to the local parish church in Cheam on Sunday morning.  High Mass, westward facing but no incense.  Good sermon, positively friendly greeting from the regular pew dwellers. It was packed with rather noisy kids (it's that time of year when the families drag the brats along to ensure they get the necessary ticks to improve their hopes of getting into the Church school), but I can live with that.  At least they have kids in the Church!

Then it was back to Scotland and 2 weeks of annual leave!  Long lies beckon!

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