Friday, 25 April 2008

Over the sea to...Polmont!

Well, this afternoons work was taking a group of our over 80's out on a barge trip. I was sadly disappointed. Wee John didn't carry out his threat to bring eyepatches with skulls and crossbones on them, so we could all pretend we were pirates. I've never really got over them taking Captain Pugwash off the Beeb! I so wanted to be Jack the cabin boy!

That said, it was all good gentle fun, munching tiffin as we cruised (we were on a boat, honest!). The great thing about having a female Assistant Priest is not only does she remember to bring things like tiffin, she even brings a choice of chocolate tiffin or toffee tiffin! Being rather a traditionalist, I stuck to the choccy version. A wee family of baby ducks with mum sauntered past and a rather magnificent heron patrolled the canal banks. He was a bit camera shy, but I did capture him for posterity with my camera phone. A nice way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Blistering barnacles! You'd have made an excellent cabin boy - did the barge have a cabin?

  2. Yes, but it was all adapted for wheelchairs and mobility access. So no naughtyness was possible!

    Seriously, It's a really good resource if you want to take the elderly or disabled for a day out on the canal. Absolutely free save for donation to the trust that run it.