Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Fraction of ****wits!

As a long since pensioned off NUS activist (same sort of vintage as Phil "The Lying Toad" Woolas MP (ex), but as yet unconvicted:-)), I observe with some surprise the shenanigans in Westminster yesterday.  Obviously, they've lost the robust approach the combined Lib/Lab/SNP stewards of my vintage used towards the Socialist Lurkers, Trots and Anarchist smellies on parade! ("Get up aff yir erse, ya ****in' idiot!" was the favoured consistent response to attempted sit downs to block traffic).  I note merely this: according to the London Times, 40000 students marched, of whom 200 rioted.  That's 0.5% of the total.  50 got on the roof. That's 0.125% of the total.  The rioters are the fraction to which the title alludes.  Their stupidity has led to a powerful and legitimate protest against Government policy being squandered by a handful of bampots.

The rotas for the 1st part of the vacancy at Spiky Mike's have arrived and I find myself in the pulpit for Candlemass and Maundy Thursday!  Must find my nice lacy alb before then!

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