Tuesday, 30 November 2010

St Andrew's Day

Saint Andrew 
by Francois Duquesnoy 
(St. Peter's Basilica, Rome)

Our National Patron Saint always appeals to me precisely because he isn't as "in yer face" as his brother Peter.  Andrew the Introducer (see John 1:41, 6:8-9 and 12:20-22) was a description I heard in a sermon once (Fr Donald Nicholson of Blessed memory) and it struck me that was his gift: enabling others to encounter Christ and unleash their gifts.  It takes much grace to work behind the scenes - we all secretly or even openly adore attention and it can be hard to be "unappreciated".  It takes even greater humility.  But "not my will but thy will be done" is one of Jesus's most powerful prayers in Gethsemane.  The release of self and apparent greatness in order that God's will be done and his Kingdom revealed, enabled and advanced.  Blessed Andrew, inspire by your example and aid us with your prayers.


  1. What do you mean, "Patron"? If you talk to him, does he have special powers with god?
    If god is all-knowing, why not cut out the middle man? You've made heaven a kind of inefficient office.
    This kind of thing is kinda medieval, if you ask me.
    But then I don't think that god exists, so having someone extra to talk to is even more irrational.
    At least it gives you the chance to dress up in "special" clothes".

  2. Being an Anglican, I think heaven IS an inefficent office! And yes, it is medieval - and Orthodox and believed in by everyone bar mad Protestants! As to your thinking God doesn't exist, I can only offer this prayer:
    "O God forasmuch as without thee, we are not enabled to doubt thee; help us all by thy grace to inform the whole race, we know nothing whatever about thee!"