Saturday, 8 October 2011

The day thou gavest...

Luckily, this will not be my problem at Murrayfield tomorrow!  Organ & choir, Hymns Old and New and a baptism (the deacon does that!)  Today was marked the "Booking of the Honeymoon".  France, a cottage and a swimming pool are the key ingredients.  And we sorted the wedding hymns.  And the Liturgy will be modern Scottish - but no keech like "handsel" will be involved and there will be a confession and proper prayers for the bride and groom before the Eucharistic prayer starts and nae clergy wandering aboot after the consecration to bless us.  The Liturgy gurus of the Province can experiment away with the laity if they like - neither of us intends our nuptial mass to be a liturgical experiment. (I was very anti vivisection as a youth!  I ain't gonna be no liturgical guinea pig!)  They did that to us when I was a student at Coates Hall and to this day I dislike that ring bound folder thing they call the Scottish Daily Office.  If you need an Office book, a lectionary, a guide to the lectionary, a bible, something with a collect and a hymn book to say mattins with an office hymn then you need to get your act together and produce something more workable.  Moi, je prefere l'Office SSF.  All you need is a bible and a hymnal and a lectionary.  And you're off!  The beauty of the Roman Office is that everything is in one volume.  Perhaps our liturgical gurus might take note of that!

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