Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Trusting in the Higher Power.

An appropriate theme I suspect, given that today is my 3rd AA birthday.  I'm just glad still to be here and not in a grave and glad to be sober.  I had a good meeting at my home group tonight and came across this prayer that some might say sums up what it means to trust in your Higher Power:

“Lord, give me the strength to greet the coming day in peace. 
Help me in all things to rely on your holy will. 
Reveal your will to me every hour of the day. 
Bless my dealings with all people. 
Teach me to treat all people who come to me throughout the day
with peace of soul and with firm conviction 
that your will governs all. 
In all my deeds and words guide my thoughts and feelings. 
In unexpected events, let me not forget that all are sent by you. 
Teach me to act firmly and wisely, 
without embittering and embarrassing others. 
Give me the physical strength to bear the labours of this day. 
Direct my will, teach me to pray, 
and you yourself, pray in me. Amen.”   
Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow


  1. Happy Aniversary well done.
    One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus.


  2. Thanks for this prayer. I've taken the liberty of copying it, and it will posted over my desk.