Monday, 24 June 2013


Where it all started officially - St Mary's Cathedral Glasgow.

One of the slightly odds things that has been happening this month has been anniversaries. Or rather, since they are annual events, the sudden confluence of significant ones.  The wedding (1st) was celebrated with gunfire (see the last post) and a Chinese meal out (split timing).  Then on the 11th (St Barnabas' Day) it was the 20th anniversary of being ordained deacon.  I celebrated by .. going to work and doing it.  I look on my paid job (working with adults with disabilities) as diaconate without a dalmatic or dog collar.  It seems slightly strange to reflect that I'm halfway through what I assumed would be my active/paid ordained career - ordained at 25, due to retire at 65. (Well, 67 nowadays).  Not stipendiary anymore, but still fulfilling a vocation in a way I would never have imagined then.

20 years on I'm based in a Church where I am at home worshipping (not always the case when it's a paid job rather than what in a sense is a voluntary attachment.  I'm living on the outskirts of a city I love with some one I never expected to meet and fall in  love with.  Even after 12 months we haven't managed to kill each other because we basically get along rather well and comfortably.  Oh well, it's good to have hit calm water and for that I'm thoroughly grateful to God.