Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shooting through married life (or something fairly similar)!

Well, we did something different today.  After Mass, we went to Hopetoun House and shot at things!  Not cuddly bunnies or flying rats (pigeons as the zoologists call them) but clay pigeons. (Low calorie but frankly inedible)  Now I will confess to having a bit of an advantage over the Memsahib here: 30+ years ago I gained my Master at Arms badge with the Scouts using a .410 shotgun at Fordell Firs.  But I haven't been near a shotgun since!

Much to our mutual surprise, we were neither of us utterly useless: Rachel hit 4 out of 10 and I hit 5!!  So I feel unbearably smug:-).  We then dined on very local hamburgers (Aberdeen Angus reared on the Estate) which were singularly tasty.  The sun shone, the ear plugs worked and nobody bruised their shoulders due the recoil!  A great day out!

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