Saturday, 3 January 2009

New year!

Well, here we go again: the panto was most enjoyable, the kids enjoyed it and, strangely enough, the King's Theatre wasn't quite as far from the town centre as I recalled. Karen Dunbar was a 1st class lead, Gerard Kelly excellent as Buttons and it was nice to see Andy Gray back from his troubles. Indeed, the day was only blighted by 2 small factors: my vertigo (seats in the upper circle) and the outrageous car park pricing at the Buchanan Galleries.

And today the footie is off again due to a deep frozen pitch. Why in the name of heaven do we insist in playing in the middle of winter? Surely a summer season would make more sense? It's not as if we are a mad keen cricketing nation, so it would hardly clash with anything and you might well get a better turn out at games.

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