Monday, 26 January 2009

That was the weekend that was.

Well, that was a fairly good weekend. Cowdenbeath won and extended their lead to 5 points, I preached a not bad sermon on St Paul (wee, baldy heided and bandy legged), discovered I've lost 3lbs since Christmas and got bored witless at our joint service of Prayer for the Middle East. I agreed with everything that was said, but haven't heard such dull, passionless and uninspiring delivery in years. Stir me to action? Not a hope - it was excruciatingly dull. I nipped out quickly at the end - I simply could not bear to do polite chit chat after the service: "Wasn't that a lovely service Rector?" "NO!! It was boring and a waste of an hour." Not the done thing, so I foreswore honesty and scooted.


  1. So - does Christianity involve allowing bores and incompetents to carry on regardless? I was feeling this after a frustrating meeting on Monday - there were so many things I had to bite back that my tongue was bruised by the end of it. (Really!)

  2. I do wonder sometimes, but i felt constrained by the fact it was an ecumenical occassion. Our last 3 ecumaniac bashes have been let down by frankly shoddy and incompetent worship