Saturday, 7 March 2009


Well, the bleeding door being shut when you turn up slightly late for a Lent group is one! (The Church of Scotland welcomes you - as long as it doesn't increase the Insurance premium!)

Another is ecumenical services - now, I am a highly committed ecumenist BUT!!! This is the 4th boring godly drivel session I have attended recently and I am getting fed up with it. Hymns no one knew, tunes no one could sing, execution of the service best described as LBA (Led By Amatuers). I am somewhat inclined to opt out of Holy Week this year, as it is joint and the local standard is dire!!

And finally - the provincial Committee on Canons having the gall to send an imperfectly drafted 2nd reading to Diocesan Synods. Edinburgh amended it back to the original text - boys and girls, do us the courtesy of drafting the stuff properly, or not presenting it until it has been drafted properly. Send us drool, and we'll vote it down!


  1. Not exactly inspiring confidence in good future ecumenical relations perhaps, Father?

  2. Hmm! I don't think good relations mean we ought to put up with uninspiring, badly led and frankly content free mush just because it's "ecumenical". What irks me totally is that the joint worship can be very, very good and has been in the past. I just think some of our local brethren here are not putting real effort into the worship and have slid to a default position of uninspiring pap, because they can get away with it!!