Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Variety is the spice of life!

As they say! Sunday took me to Erskine Parish Church on a pulpit swap - though for me it involved celebrating communion in a sort of funny, hybrid C of S/SEC way. Blue book EP for Lent, preceded by the Collect of the Day, the penitential intro to Evening Prayer from the 1990 Daily Office, readings, sermon, affirmation of Faith (based on the Decalogue) and the odd experience of having bread a cup on the Holy Table but the punters with those silly wee thimble things and diced mothers pride in their pews! The Evening was enlivened by by discussion (again Ecumenical) on Philosophy of Religion. I was mightily staggered by 18 appearing to talk about the Ontological and Teleological arguments (plus Pascal's Wager) on a cold March evening!!

The 2 funerals went pretty well with decent turnouts at both. And the Blue Brazil are no worse off having played Stenhousemuir twice in a week! Not a bad run! And spellcheck to my amusement thinks Stenhousemuir ought to be spelled Satanism!!


  1. And Cowdenbeath comes out with Cowmen, Cower, or cowered. All are most appropriate!

    Good to see you blogging again.

  2. It was a busy week! Best response to Cowdenbeath was the story told by Ron Ferguson of his early sermons in Kirkwall, in which he regularly mentioned Cawdenbeath FC. Auld dear after the service: "I really like the new minister's sermons, but why's he aye on about Cows and Beef?"