Monday, 14 December 2009

Cast down? No, actually

Well, my wish came true and there was resolution of the result of my interview for the care home job. "Nope". Actually, I don't feel too bad about it, as I rather thought my lack of experience might count against me. Not that I had any time to feel grim about it. The letter arrived at 12.30pm and I was out the door en route to the analyst for my appointment, followed by another job interview at 4.15. Which again I felt went OK. It's for a support worker post working with people with Autism. This I hope comes off as I really enjoyed being interviewed by the 2 team leaders. That and the high totty quotient of the interviewees!! (And no, there wasn't a mirror in the waiting area!).

So we keep on smiling (yes, really) and looking forward. Tomorrow, the medics assess!


  1. Prayers ascending and fingers crossed!
    BTW... the word verification is "somybxur". Sounds like some prescription sleeping pill.

  2. More crossed fingers! My WV is "lesser" - you or me, do you think?

  3. As above. Maybe this will be the one.