Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Changing your hat.


Well, I think the job interview went well this morning. I think I came over as enthuiastic, with relevant experience. I think I managed to sidestep the pitfall of seeming to appear a know it all by responding to the training question by pointing out that I had previously organised and participated in training for those visiting old folks because I knew my skills needed refreshing. And I hope I gave a clear impression that my focus was on respecting and valuing the person and giving them dignity and ownership of their care plan even when they were disempowered by physical frailty. So I feel rather hopeful that in a day or two a letter will appear saying "come and join us". Only hope the other candidates get cold feet or blank out mentally!!


  1. Hoping you get a good result from this!

  2. Sounds like it went well. Just don't let it get to you if you don't get the job, it just means a better one for you is waiting somewhere round the corner!

  3. Thanks Morag! Will try to keep a stiff upper lip if it doesn't work out!