Sunday, 6 December 2009

I don't BELIEEVE it!

The Diocese of Los Angeles elect a lesbian suffragan Bishop and the ABC has a press statement out in time for the Sunday papers. And still thunderous silence on the Ugandan Bill.

I will not swear; I will not curse. I will state candidly that, in my personal opinion, Rowan Williams is morally bankrupt and repugnant and I would neither give nor receive communion to him or from him. I am no longer in Communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. I am a Scottish Episcopalian and remain in Communion with God, as our predecessors were before the Synod of Laurencekirk.

(Which in real terms, makes hee-haw difference to anything, but makes me feel better).

B****r it, I'm off to the pictures.


  1. Hope you saw a good show. The ABC has made himself irrelevant.

  2. I did thanks - a Coen brothers double bill "Fargo" and "The Man who wasn't there" (the latter not starring Rowan Williams)

  3. Well said, Dougal - sounding like yourself there!

  4. At least the wider Episcopal Church has finally done something our Roman brethren haven't done before.

    Come-on? They've had female Popes, openly gay (male) Cardinals - but, an actual lesbian? Certainly not since there has been a word for it and probably not even then!

    Doesn't seem to have disrupted their apostolic succession.

    Hat (yup)

    Coat (yup)

    Taxi (yes that's mine!)