Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A veggie Mecca?

I had a chuckle at lunchtime today. My Buddhist colleague bought the staff nibbles for our trip to Aberdour ( ah, the Silver Sands - annual venue for the Elliot's factory picnics when I was wee!). So it was very pleasant veggie stuff: chickpea and onion pie, sun dried tomato and olive pastie, spinach and lentil doo-dah. I read the label as I lunched: "Jordan Valley Foods" it read. Where was this exotica produced? Old Perth Road Cowdenbeath! I never thought of the old home town as a mecca of vegitarian cuisine!

I was supposed to be going out for dinner tonight but it was cancelled as one of the participants step sister in law was one of the 12 fatal victims of the shootings in Cumbria. So we busily prayed for all who had been killed or injured or otherwise affected by the events in Whitehaven and its environs at evening prayer. Isn't it strange how small the world is?

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