Sunday, 30 May 2010

Evensong and a quitting

For the 1st time in yonks I attended Evensong tonight. Working day shift meant Mass was out and the brief stroll to Princes St was easy enough. The lovely warm bath feel of Cranmer, chant and canticles, 2 A&M hymns and peaceful intercessions was a joy, even if the sermon was not up to my former placement supervisors best! Anodyne tending to soporific actually - glad I had a strong coffee under my belt.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury has resigned - which I think was necessary in the circumstances. To boast of the integrity of your expenses and then to be caught out by £40K - that's a quitting matter. I have a wee bit of sympathy on the in closetedness, but, really, the Lib Dems are anything but intolerant of LGBT individuals. And to argue that you didn't think you were partners because you didn't have a joint bank account - well, that's silly, not to say utterly unbelievable. Peter Tatchell was rather good on the BBC this morning about it all. A pity, because Mr Laws was certainly able. But it would have been impossible for him to stay.

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