Monday, 27 September 2010

Fiscal rectitude. And bolshie attitude!

You know the cut-back culture has arrived when the Kirk's Garden Party at the Queen's Hoose has been cut!

Weel, I got to one a whilie back ,so shan't miss it (utterly over-rated IMHO).  And it was serious anomaly in an allegedly democratic institution, which in reality is less so and more priest ridden and dominated than us Prelatical Piskies.  I never realise however than this shindig was funded by the tax-payer until now.  Goodbye and stay missing.

However there has been one wee bit of protocol from the Papal Visit that has been niggling me a bit: what was the Arch Beard of Canterbury doing greeting B16 at Turnhouse when he touched down?  Surely that was the task of the Rt Rev Shooie MacDooie Lth, Minister of Inversnotter Parish Church or whoever this years Chief Presby was?  The ABC really hath nae jurisdiction in this Realm of Schottland.  Apparently his Modship wasn't in the official line up at Holyrood because the wee sowel got lost in Frau Windsor's Edinburgh pied a terre and was found by a flunky in a broom cupboard.  Mebbe he got stuck on the bypass and couldn't make it to Turnhouse on time?

My snarkiness on this one is due in the main to an interview His Beardiness gave in the Times on Saturday. He was headlined as saying "Gay Bishops are OK by me".  Which is somewhat disingenuous given that he meant "celibate gay bishops who sharrup about their partners or non celibate ones who make the right mouth music are OK by me".  Go figure it out Rowan - in your interview you candidly admitted it was about preserving the notional unity of the Anglican Communion at all costs and the cost the backing of Jeffery John, Gene Robinson or Mary Glasspool would have demanded was too great for your conscience.  Full marks for candour, but far from quoting Browning on Wordsworth, I feel rather like the old donkey in Orwell's "Animal Farm".  In the last pages, his eyes are dimming and his vision going.  He sees Napoleon and the pigs dressed up in suits and bowler hats and walking on their hind trotters- and can no longer distinguish between them and the two legged humans they revolted against.  I see an Archbishop allegedly a liberal Catholic - and I'm dammed if he seems much different in my perception to George Carey.  And that's isn't meant as a compliment.

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