Monday, 6 September 2010

A new day.

After a very long stint in the trenches, there is nothing better for destressing than a long soak in a hot Radox bath, listening to Tom Lehrer, before scrubbing, shampooing and shaving with muchos mint and tea tree oil and finishing off with deodorising oxter guff and a wee splash of aftershave!  I feel like a new man!

Actually, that ought to read "new human person".  Seems as if there is some yowling about the permitted gender free alternatives in the Blue Bookie:  Well, I have my opinions on this one - my post on Inclusive Liturgy covered this ground. (see  Bit of a fuss over nothing IMHO - they are permitted alternatives, not mandatory- but Darren McFarland is just ever so slightly disingenuous when he suggests we haven't done the Inclusive bit with Holy Scripture.  Many SEC parishes use the NRSV Anglicised version, which has gone down that road where the original languages permit.  Convener spin methinks.  Church politicians are not so very different from their secular equivalents.

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