Monday, 28 February 2011

Status review.

It's all getting awfully official now!  Today, the announcement went into the Times about the engagement (that's the London Times, not the Lochgelly Times - a sign of upward social mobility!) and will appear (if the Murdochite computer lackeys do their bit) on Wednesday - Rachel's birthday!  The proposed date is getting complicated by the fact that Our Sovereign Lady Betty Windsor has moved the Bank Holiday next year for her Diamond Jubilee and evidently tons of foreigners will be arriving in Embra to acclimatise and train for the Olympics.  In between thinking it would be better if we lived in a Republic (nah, we'd have had President for Life Thatcher!!!) and "Can't they just keep the bl**dy games in Greece?", we proceed apace.

We went to our local (to her hoose anyway) Pisky Church yesterday to find ye Lord Bishop of Embra unleashing lay chalice bearers on the masses.  Once he'd identified me (be fair, I don't often appear in the rural bits of the diocese) I introduced him to "my fiancee".  +Brian did not collapse or look any more startled than usual but did say "Did you put that on your blog?".  Episcopal surveillance has obviously been slipping!

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