Monday, 21 February 2011

Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Having hurtled all over the countryside visiting mother's-in-law in waiting last week (and shuffled back in time to preside and preach in Murrayfield), I have been busy in the kitchen at Emmaus House today.  My more senior cooking colleague is going to be sternly spoken to about putting GINGER (!!!)  in my nice celery and apple soup.  It transformed it into "Ginger and some indeterminate vegetable base soup" and I was underwhelmed.  Mind you here cheese scones, wheaten bread and mushroom soup were divine, so it's more a "that experiment didn't work" sort of comment!  The punters it has to be said enjoyed it.  I am more of a soup purist in these matters!  I mean, if I don't stop the rot now, there'll be ginger in the Scotch Broth and the Cock a Leekie ere long and such pagan fusion heresies are unacceptable:-).  My evening effort (pork chops in a spicy bean casserole with cous-cous) was a success.  And there was a most enjoyable steam and dip in the gloriously Victorian Dalry Pool between them.  A change as good as a rest!

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