Saturday, 5 February 2011


The Prime Minister, Dave Posho, has been pretty robust about the failings of multi-culturalism today:

I'm all for a muscular Liberalism, promoting democracy, tolerance and human rights, but I am also equally unsurprised by the yelps from the Muslim Community that they are yet again being picked on and singled out.  (They aren't actually - but I'll come that shortly.)  In fairness to the occupant of No 10, he clearly defined the difference between Islam the religion at its best and the Islamacist interpretation of it.  Surely the same can be said of Christianity in these Islands?  The tolerant, civilised majority of its practitioners are always confused with the barmy fringe and their noisome and pestilential spokesmen.  I have no wish to be confused with the likes of the Christian Institute and get hacked off when the Press always picks that sort of reactionary mutt to represent the Faith. 

But there are intriguing signs that the British State is gonna get tough on ALL religious loopies who seek to hide behind the claims of faith as justification for behaving like fascists or psychos.  And they've started with the so-called Christians, not the Muslims.  They are not letting the nut job pastor from Florida  who wanted to burn the Qu'ran into the country.  And the mother of a Nigerian kid who has been taken back to the ancestral homeland to be exorcised into getting married (an arranged marriage) and who was under the protection of a court order, is facing a hefty term in Holloway unless she stops diddling about and actually complies with the courts demand that he be brought back to the UK by Valentine's Day.  No, this Government means it when they say that religious and cultural excuses for ignoring human and civic rights are no longer going to wash.  Thank God for that.  The nutters will no longer be able to hide behind that which is good and holy and discredit it through their medieval or insane interpretations.

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