Friday, 1 April 2011

Men's Spirituality - Eh?

Came across this ad in a Pisky news source today.

A 5 day life changing programme for men, devised by Richard Rohr OFM.  Across the world over 5000 men have taken part in this programme and the UK Rites are led by a trained and accredited team of experienced Elders.

Fee: £300 Camping (bring your own tent, meals provided)
£385 Bed indoors *

This is not about religion, but about spirituality, about age old traditions that guide men into manhood, about coming to trust that there is something much greater at work in their lives than they could ever imagine.
Taking you sometimes out of your comfort zones, but more deeply back into your own life.

This is being marketed as spirituality "for men" - the underlying assumption is of course for "real  men" (whatever they are).  I must admit that anything that involves spirituality and camping in a tent in soggy Perthshire leaves me utterly cold.  It seems to me to be somewhat silly to separate religion and spirituality.  Your spirituality is formed for good or ill by your religious experience and vice-versa.  Religion without spirituality is Sadducee.  Spirituality without some religious input is too hazy for my mind to grasp.  Equally, importing rites from native American culture may be of very limited use to Western Europeans.  I understand and value the non-specifically religious approach as practised by AA - but it encourages you to develop a Spiritual basis for living, be it through the rediscovery of your own neglected religious faith or by embracing one which works for you.  I like a sauna but sweat lodges and drums strike me as a wee bit - well, like playing at cowboys and Indians!  I think I'll give it a miss myself and find a nice retreat with regular prayer, quiet and a decent library.  The Macho stuff I'll leave to the incurably butch!

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