Sunday, 24 April 2011

Thank Crunchie it's Easter!

Yes, well, it's finally here.  Faintly whacked as I was by Saturday's exertions (by 2pm we had booked a Church for Friday 8th June 2012 @ 2pm, started a wedding list (at  Jenners - which totally knackers my left-wing street cred:-)) and bought a going away outfit (also from Jenners - we're going native Edinburgh Episcopalian!)), I then sang the Exsultet, ran about with the Episcopal regalia and sang the Regina Coeli.  Sigh.  I pew foddered this morning (good hymns and sermon, Mozart's Coronation Mass but a right guddle getting up to communion, with the usual pew by pew advance aborted and the mob scrambling in willy nilly which meant my Aspie head nipped a bit and a discreet bunk out of the last hymn for a wee puff was executed).  Lunch was roast lamb, then a snooze.  And dinner was good old fish and chips!  From the chippy - the cooks mutually agreed to down spatulae!  

So back to the day job on the morrow.  Happy Pascha!

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  1. Happy Easter, and congrats on setting a date for the wedding!