Sunday, 17 April 2011

Palm Sunday

Boy awaits palm blessing in Manila
 Waiting for a blessing in the Philippines.

For the 1st time in many a long year, I find myself unable to attend a Palm Sunday Eucharist.  I was working  a  day shift and, even in urban and well churched Embra, I couldn't find an Evening Eucharist at which I could communicate.  Yes, I could have snuck into the Jesuit establishment along the road but I simply don't feel comfortable in disrespecting the RC Church's discipline on inter communion.  I don't agree with it, but ecumenism (to me at any rate) is about being true to where we actually are as Churches, rather than pretending we are where we want to be.  But fear not - I shall be horribly religious later in the week, celebrating a midweek mass, preaching on Maundy Thursday, opening the batting for the Tres Horas (and then running like a hare to start my shift!) and singing the Exultet at the Easter Vigil (I think I'm also Chaplaining the Bishop, so stress may ensue!)

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