Saturday, 11 October 2008

Awash in a sea of tartan.

Yes, the Mod (or Mhod) is here. The toon centre is hoachin' with kilted types, the air rent asunder with the skirl of the pipes and lissom young ladies are giving highland dancing exhibitions outside the Body Shop. Well, it seems an appropriate enough location! All very nice, but I think I'll stick to the italian nosh I planned for tonight: I'm really not in the mood for haggis and skirlie gies me the boak!


  1. So, the church will be full of teuchters today?? Mass in Gaelic?

  2. It was very quiet due to the skool hols, actually. I don't do gaelic - I'm just about competent in English, Kenny!

  3. Well, the Mhod is referred to the Whisky Olympics, so the may have all had hangovers!