Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Skool rools!

School chaplaincy has its moments. Being asked if I belong to the same church as the Vicar of Dibley is a first though - thanks 1C! I do!

Last night was a really good session with our CCD guru. We're better than we were 2 years ago at communications and stewardship - which is good to hear. He also felt we (as a vestry) are working better together than we were. I put it down to pre-vestry fish and chips before each meeting, plus an away day twice a year to do a bit of strategic thinking and planning. That and the grace of God. A big change from my last vestry. This lot are friends, not potential enemies.

And tonight I go to Old St Paul's to chair the Edinburgh Servers Priors meeting as Priest Director. Only drawback is the trains, so I'll drive to the Park and Ride and take the bus in.

Time for a coffee methinks!


  1. Very glad to hear things are swimming along so nicely on Vraggy Island, Dougal - gee such a tale of goods news might even tempt me back one day!

  2. Sorry there are so many typos there - I'm clearly losing it with all these pills I'm taking for the sports injury!

  3. Life on the drugs must be more fun then?