Thursday, 16 October 2008

Heretical opinions!

On Gaelic, I hasten to add. I enjoyed last night's clarsach bash but it was a bit like Wagner - great moments, but the quarter hours were a bit of a trial! It all seemed to take a while to say "It was awfy nice Morag" or "Wasn't that tragic Fergus". Still, several of the kids were very talented - a wee McPherson from Lewis (must be the clerical input centuries ago!) could fair sing and there were a couple of talented Campbell's from Edinburgh. Just a pity their clan got in my mother's clan's way at Culloden!

Tonight it's the Stations of the Cross for Cursillo, so I'd better go and find the ruddy things!


  1. Watched the BBC Gaelic TV programme which showed the Partick Thistle v Airdrie game on Sunday. Thistle play rotten in Gaelic!

  2. They play badly in English too