Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Erection of the Holy Hut of Tollcross

Every one else being out, c'est moi who is letting the workmen in to put up the Garden Shed which is to be the Chapel at Emmaus House (aka the Holy Hut, or, if you want it described a la Sean Connery, the Schacred Sched!). Personally, I think it ought to be dedicated to St Trinian, but then I would! It will in due course be followed by the Sanctification of the HH (feast day TBA) and then will be in regular use.

Last night involved a yummy baked cheesecake for dessert which broadened my dietary experience in a pleasantly American way, plus a bouef bourginon. The herbal teabag that is boquet garni didn't end up on my plate which was a plus. Never quite a dull moment!

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