Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Horror of horrors, I find myself agreeing largely with a Sun article.

My reaction to the news that "The Currant Bun" (as the UK's most famous comic for the news seeker is called) had come out for the Tory Party in the looming general Election was: a) so what? It's always been Tory under the surface. b) The Emperor Rupert (aka the Dirty Digger) has duly anointed the new heir to Maggot Scratcher. But its analysis of the performance of New Labour seems sadly accurate and it's basically calling time time on a tired administration. It even had the grace to salute the basic decency and integrity of the PM - a pleasant change from it's viscerally Thatcherite period being edited by that unlovely Troll, Kelvin Mackenzie.

Where I part company with the Sun is on "Vote Tory". David Cameron seems a decent enough sort and I think he is genuine in his commitment to the NHS. But the shushed Thatcherites, Euro sceptics and near Fascist morons are merely hiding within the re-vamped Nasty Party and I shudder at the thought of their return. I lived through the Miner's Strike in West Fife. Never will I trust a Tory Government. Ever. Any bets that they will quickly move to refashion broadcasting along the lines suggested by the Dirty Digger Junior at the Telly Festival earlier this autumn? A weaker Beeb and a stronger Sky. And our media becomes more like America under Murdoch's domination.

New Labour - better the devil you know? No thanks, they're tired and the country needs a change. The SNP are attractive apart from their wanting Independence. It doesn't make economic sense to me, even in Europe. The Lib Dems - my electoral home since I was 18? Kindly explain the difference between N Clegg and D Cameron and I'll think about it. Still, it's not going to be a question that needs answering today, so I'll watch this run in to the election with interest.

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