Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hearing the message!

Working in mysterious ways is what God, according to the song, does. Oh, indeed! The last couple of sermons I have heard seem to have been cribbed from my therapists notes. Which may suggest I am currently sitting in the right Edinburgh pew! And it just happens to be my taste in Liturgy. Hmm! And the hymn during communion? "Father hear the prayer we offer". Which I had at my priesting. "Not for ease that prayer shall be, but the steep and rugged pathway" - God heard that prayer obviously!! God really does try to get through to you when you stop moving long enough to hear and see and listen.

It was good news indeed yesterday when the mighty Blue Brazil beat the evil Dungbarton 3-0 at Fabby Pies Stadium on the Clyde. Suddenly we're in 5th place! (That won't last!). So it's time to go for a wee bit of exercise and enjoy the sunshine! Pax et bonum y'all!

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