Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Feast of OLW.

I really ought to be older and wiser by now! (And if that were the case, I'd still be Rector of Falkirk!) Dinner was delicious - roast chicken stuffed with haggis (ah, the Burns Budgie!), broccoli, carrot and roast potatoes, followed by chocolate brownie cake! Bliss! But because there was wine on the table, I took refuge in Diet Coke. It's past 4am at the time of writing and the caffeine is still roaring through my system - I have got to get my fellow residents to buy Sprite!

The day was spent in Falkirk packing away books.The 15 boxes are now up to 32 and only 2 more rooms to go. 11 of those boxes are for "disposal", which means off to the diocesan office and the Theological training library. Which is in a bit of guddle. And I have been drafted in to sort it. Call it voluntary work!

Today is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Walsingham. That shrine and village has been a very special place for me in my journey. This has been the longest time since I was an ordinand since I visited there - nearly a year. Looking back over my postings, it has been a place I've written a lot about. I suppose my usual trips were curtailed by health and the need to be in and about Edinburgh for therapy. I'll ignore much of the problematic bits of the life of the Shrine and simply that the prayers and intercession of OLW have been a real source of comfort and grace to me and I am grateful for all my friends there who have prayed and lit candles over the last while.

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