Wednesday, 25 November 2009

About time too!

At long last, a UK church has come out and criticised the Ugandans for their new bill - the link is self-explanatory


  1. Well, it's a start. SEC? Anybody?

    Although most people who think about "Ubuntu" at all probably think of it as the Debian-without-the-philosophy Linux distro. Ah, the march of progress.

    All those heffalump feet stamping on history ...

  2. Apols for the double post - Blogger error ...

  3. "Debian without the philosphy Linx distro" - can we have that once more in English, please?

    I'm sure you're right BTW, I just have no idea what it means.

  4. The Linux operating system (more correctly GNU/Liunx) comes in a variety of flavours, known as "distros". There are a huge variety of these - Red Hat and its little bro, Fedora, SUSE, Slackware, Knoppix, Mandrake etc, etc.

    Debian, as one of these, is notorious for refusing to include tools or applications that do not meet very strict compliance with their interpretation of the "open source philosophy" - embodied in the Debian Social Contract. They call such deviant programs "non-canonical" and it can cause issues although it also seems to encourage some very clever people to contribute to it. Most true Linux zealots (and we are talking about them wanting to stone Windows users and cut the index fingers off of Mac users) use Debian (probably true although I did make the stat up on the spot.)

    Ubuntu ( is another Linux distro, based out of the Isle of Man, as far as you can claim this for anything nowadays - based on Debian - but this designed to be as easy as possible to use as opposed to theosophical purity. It is putatively the most popular current distro, largely, I suspect, because of the incredibly stupid names they choose for their versions (we are currently on "Karmic Koala" and the next one out will be "Lucid Lynx").

    You'll be amazed what you can learn from a quick excursion into international LGBT rights ...

  5. Blimey! And I thought the dark world of superlapsarian hyper Calvinism could spout incomprehensible sentences!