Monday, 2 November 2009

A hidden agenda in Uganda?

This article made me pause for thought:

If this is what's up then this really is a nasty game with definite overtones of Germany in 1933.

But on the plus side, Exodus International (one of the biggest of the "ex Gay ministries") have called on their partner organisations in Uganda to campaign against this "nightmare bill" see:

I certainly disagree with their fundamental premises, but am pleased to see that they at least have followed the logic of their theology with some consistency. If God loves you enough to heal you of homosexuality, it scarcely seems to be consistent with his will and love to execute those who God loves enough to heal


  1. Uganda - yes, well, loudly crowing about some populist action, cause or proposal while sneaking in wholly regressive illiberal measures is hardly unknown in this dear and pleasant land, is it?

    Nazis - You do have to wonder whether the Ugandan authorities are having the same sort of repression issues that quite a few of the Nazi hierarchy had. Except for Rohm, who was distinctly "out".

    Exodus - What a strange bunch of people. Being somewhat less tolerant than you, I'm not sure that earnest commitment is a sufficient replacement for thought. I did notice one of them wants to go to Iraq. What's stopping them joining the US Army (or the National Guard) as a chaplain then?

  2. Indeed: our lot can give lessons in how to restrict civil liberties with sneaky bills.

    I always wonder about those who yell loudest about sexuality: if they were really at home in their own skin would they be so frenetic?

    Exodus join the Army chaplains in the US? No, not until they drop their "don't ask don't tell" policy. Here at least we say "So what? You can still kill people, can't you?" :-)

  3. Oh, whatever. My lovely researched comment from this morning never made it ...

    Chaplains in proper Armies don't carry guns, so don't kill people - the Geneva Conventions are a bit like that.

    Obama was going to drop "don't ask, don't tell" - not that I can see how this applies to "no longer gay because I've been cured by the miraculous intervention of the Holy Spirit" people. If such actually exist (as opposed to, hypothetically, perfectly normal bisexuals - or even just the when-I-was-young I-was-sexually-confused - who have just discovered that their one-true-love is of the opposite sex.)