Monday, 30 November 2009

The Anglican Covenant critiqued.

Check this article out:

Who says only nuts come from Brazil? This is an excellent analysis of the Covenant and its deficiencies. The 1st 3 sections are so unexceptionable that they are pointless and section 4 is a new and not very Anglican kind of Church. Well done the Brazzies! You are not just footballing geniuses!


  1. You know, it's not that hard to put links into your posts - just highlight the word you want to link (here I'd have used "article" but your taste and MMV) and press the "world with chain" icon.

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    You'll get a pop-up box that you can just paste the link in to.

    Much neater.

    I'll go and read the Very Rev Harris's post now I've finished complaining about trivia!

  2. I disagree, as I always do, that the first three sections of the Covenant are inoccuous.

    As someone who works in a sectarian city, I find anything that recommits us to the anti-catholic 39 Articles of the Church of England extremely dangerous and unwelcome.

    We don't by and large use the Ordinal referred to in the covenant and indeed have a requirement of clergy that they subscribe to other liturgies than those referenced in the covenant footnotes.

  3. Can I make an appeal that you restore restore open commenting John? Its not nearly so good having to sign in with a google account rather than a direct link to one's own blog.

  4. Thanks for the tip SE!

    Well, Kelvin, I was simply summarising the Brazillian position so I actually tend to agree on the 39 articles. I think of them like Grangemouth petrochemical works personally: they stink but I'm not planning to dynamite them! I will see what can be done on the comments.