Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Abscence make the heart grow... grumpy!

For the last week or so, I have been a bit of a GCB (that's Grumpy Crabbit B**ger, not Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath- just to clarify!).  For why, I asked myself?  Well, I was blaming it on adjusting to having a new community member in da hoose whose style grates on me - I find it intensely irritating to have 3 out of 4 "contributions" to group intercessions (i.e. open prayer time) at the Office from the same person, who being "Low Church" (I refuse utterly to cede the title "evangelical" to the liturgically challenged, as I see myself as an Evangelical Catholic) doesn't really do brevity.  That and the "sincere" (or pious) voice they use when praying.  Having listened once to a recording of myself preaching and been appalled at the cold distant tone I had, I am sure this is entirely unintentional (given that he was an actor once, I certainly hope so - if it's put on pious that would really drive me batty!  Especially as it's bad acting, if acting it is!).  However, I realised this morning that there is another factor at play here.  Our divergent work schedules mean that it will be a total of nearly 3 weeks between meeting up with Rachel.  Being a Fifer, I don't "do" love-lorn moping and pining - I just get seriously grumpy!  It must be love!


  1. Want a cat to keep you company?

  2. Your preaching voice isn't that bad. But then, giving my well-known tone deafness, who's going to believe me?

  3. Thanks for that! I did work on the snooty tone after I heard it - so it must have worked!