Sunday, 2 January 2011

The New Year's here!

And a very happy one to all of youse out there.  Last year I wrote: "Looking back, 2009 was (to quote our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth) an Annus Horriblis indeed, breakdown, sick leave, therapy, quitting parish ministry, unemployment and owning up to alcohol problems. 2010 can only be better (if it ain't, then it's find a coffin year). Funnily enough, I feel I now know myself better and am slightly more comfortable in my own skin. So moving on is more of a possibility."  Looking back "moving on" happened big time for me - a new job and getting a girlfriend!!!! Oh yes and I am still sober. Surely there can't be any more radical a set of changes for me in 2011 - can there?  I don'treally care, as so far it all seems to have worked very well.  Suppose it'll be a case of "watch this space"!  Mind you I failed to kick the weed - so we try that again (48 hrs into it and ain't smoked yet, so...)

I am now almost snuffle free (Vapour Rub rules!) and work is a fairly easy-ish run tomorrow.  So it's onwards and upwards.


  1. May 2011 bring you another year of sobriety, much joy and deliverance from any more Annus Horriblis, frdougal. Kicking the cold is a good start!

  2. I hope you are going to hang on to some vices - Fr. Dougal the living saint sounds a bit boring. I suggest a chocolate addiction and, maybe, farting in public.

  3. MP, I am paid to fart and burp - one of my "service users" finds it highly entertaining (I do so in a purely professional capacity, natch!)The choc addiction is old hat, so I'd welcome any new ones that are safe;-)