Monday, 31 January 2011

Catching up.

An old pal was in town tonight so we went out for a nice Italian and a wee pilgrimage to the Oxford Bar (he's a bit of a Rebus fan).  Don't panic - he had the Strongbow, I stuck to the Appletise! We both thought it was funny to see how we'd both changed since we met back in 1996.  Then, I was a Forward in Faith Curate, firmly against wifie priests and not exactly Mr Heterosexual of the Year.  He was working for the Church Union and exploring his vocation with the Anglican Franciscans.  Now - well, I'm pro wifie priests and bishops and dating a woman and he's at an RC Seminary in Spain (having left the C of E 3 years before this ordinariate thingy).  Still friends, still debating and talking, both accepting the other as they actually are.  Mind you, the cheeky beggar asked if I'd seen the latest Rab C Nesbitt.  "Yes and he's sober which is scary!" said I.  "Bit like a sober John Penman!" came the reply!  Thanks Tom!

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