Sunday, 5 June 2011

Accidents can happen

...and very nearly did this morning.  It is NEVER a good idea to give the thurible known as "Big Aggie" to a wee celebrant!!!  Luckily, I was trained on the "Diocesan Bucket" at St Ninian's Pollokshields and can handle the big beggar!  The sermon seemed to go OK, but the stand in organist chose what I can only describe as the only dirge tune in the hymnal for "At the Name of Jesus".  It meant to be a real "Can Belto" hymn to send the punters out on a high.  We got a mimsy, insipid piece of mush fit only for aged spinsters and woolly minded pantheists (lay or ordained).  "Bore it up triumphant" - mair like "bored it out of triumph".  Still it was quite fun.


  1. Enjoy Big Aggie while you can. She's coming home to mama any time now!

  2. She'll choke the troops in Falkirk¬ she's a big girl and it's a wee church!

  3. That’s a really good one.
    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post.