Saturday, 18 June 2011

Well matched.

It's funny how things are with people sometimes, isn't it?  The Memsahib was up for a day or two and I was a bit grumpy on arrival (moving flat into the new "annexe" of Emmaus House had me narky) - not at her, but with the new rooms!  We did a bit of shopping (I have a new T-Shirt, she has a new necklace) watched "Gnomeo and Juliet" on DVD (Elton John songs, Shakespeare references and Ozzy Osbourne and Dolly Parton too!  A good fillum!) and toddled off to watched "Potiche" at the Cameo - I now understand why the Frenchies rate Catherine Denueve (just don't ask your mother what she did in the 50's is all I'd say!).  However, herself noted that when either of us is grumpy (and we both are from time to time), it's never with each other but about summat else.  either we are singularly compatible or we haven't lived together long enough to annoy each other!

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