Friday, 24 June 2011

St John the Baptist's Day


It's John the Baptist's birthday today, hence the Caravaggio above, which Rachel and I saw in the Rembrandt's House museum in Amsterdam on it's 1st public outing from the private collection where it normally lives.  I went to see Mum, visited Dad's grave with her and then we went out for a Spanish meal (Tortilla (that's a tattie   omelette) for a starter, followed by Arroz Valenciana (chicken & bacon risotto, only Spanish rather than Eyetie) for me. Mum went for the patatas with garlic mayo and then the Hoose penne).  Yes, I know Cowdenbeath isn't where you'd expect any cuisine less commonplace than a chippy, a Curry House or a Chinese, but hey we are getting better.  We bumped into the big sister of one of my best mates at High School and chatted.  Kevin is (evidently) bald, married and living in Angus.I intend to avoid replicating 2 out of those 3!  Happy Baptiser's birthday!

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