Sunday, 26 June 2011

Once a squaddie...

Restoring Beauty in the Liturgy
always a squaddie.  Not that I have ever been a member of HM Forces.  But it was back to the Ecclesiastical ranks as a 2nd Acolyte at St Michael's this morning due to a server shortage. I think the last time I did this was back in 1993 prior to leaving Coates Hall.  It's surprising how quickly things come back and I think I was reasonably competent (which, given that St Michael's is probably one of the most precise and well drilled liturgical shops in the country, is like saying I'd do OK on Horseguards Parade with the Woodentops had I been a squaddie! And tall enough to join the Scots Guards.  Which I'm not - I have the build of a Poison Dwarf from the Cameronians (now defunct) or my local Regiment the Black Watch.  And all whilst being observed by the Rector designate from the choir gallery.

It's odd to thank that my life which has been going forwards in the last year or 2 has achieved this by going backwards - from incumbent to Assistant Priest, by recovering my diaconate without a dog collar in Support Work.  Still, it's no bad thing for the Priest Director of the Edinburgh Guild of Servers (moi!) to go back into the ranks and show he can still bash a square as well as any other platoon member:-)

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