Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Busy, busy busy!

Getting stuff sorted for my holiday trip to London! That's the bus and driver for the next over 80's Trip sorted, the Convent booked for the Vestry away day and the funeral on Thursday in hand. The servers are sorting themselves out for a trip to Montrose for the SGS AGM on Saturday 6th September and all seems quiet on the Western Front. I'm also fully briefed and programmed for the FCT trip to Dortmund in September. Quite what the trip to a pony farm has to do with exploring the possibilities of linking with an ecumenical group of Churches in Westphalia I know not. And a "Scottish Evening" in Bochum will be either heaven or hell - expats can go OT! Still, it is an interesting and well thought out programme and I'm looking forward to it. My German phrasebook needs looking out and reading PDQ! I won't mention the War - or Berti Vogts!

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